New Prerelease Format

Greetings Players,

In this 20th year of Pokémon there are many big changes being announced, and the evolution of prerelease events is yet another of those exciting changes.  Gone are the days of building your prerelease deck with six booster packs only to find you don’t have the basic you need for your evolution or there were no decent trainers in your packs.  When you come to a Fates Collide prerelease you will get more than just booster packs, although you still get the Fates Collide boosters – HEY, we know everyone wants those new cards! In addition to packs you will now get a prerelease kit that contains some very useful items.

The first change is the introduction of evolution packs, which are a collection of 22 cards from Fates Collide and perhaps some earlier cards. In the pack will be one or more evolution lines and some trainers that support those Pokémon. While the 22 cards are predetermined, I can tell you that everyone’s 22 cards will not be the same. I can’t tell you exactly how many different sets of 22 there are, but I can say there are enough variations of the evolution packs to make things interesting.  The days of pulling nothing that fits together for your deck are over.  Everyone will start with at least a few good basics, evolutions and trainers to build their deck.

The second change is to the prerelease promos – there will be FOUR different, exclusive alternate art, Fates Collide prerelease promos. They are randomly inserted in the player kits, so you’ll get one of the four, AND you will now be able to use the promo in your deck. However, if you want the complete set of four you will have to play in at least four prereleases (and get very lucky) – OR – you could trade for the ones you don’t have.

The third change is how booster packs get distributed.  You will get four booster packs in your kit, which you can use along with your evolution pack and promo to build your deck.  This gives you roughly the same amount of cards you used to get in your six packs, but you are now guaranteed that at least some of those cards fit together in a deck. WAIT, THERE’S STILL MORE!!!  We will also award everyone THREE additional packs as prizes for finishing the tournament.

Hopefully you are as excited as we are to try out the new prerelease format.  In addition to the changes, some things stayed the same:  you still build a forty-card deck with four prize cards; and we still limit the prerelease tournaments to three rounds.

NOTE: Players who arrive after registration ends can still play, but they may not be entered in the first round of the prerelease.

Basic Tournament Structure

Registration – Varies (see league times)

Age Divisions – Juniors (born in 2005 or later)/Seniors (born in 2001, 2002, 2003 or 2004)/Masters (born in 2000 or earlier)

Format – Sealed Deck (all cards provided – everyone gets a prerelease kit, which they use to build a 40 card deck)

* Age Modified Swiss (all players play in every round)



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