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Pokémon Video Game Premier Challenge

Pokémon Video Game Premier Challenges are the smallest events in the Championship Series season and the perfect opportunity for players to try competitive Pokémon play. Premier Challenges are often held at the same locations as Pokémon League events, with the goal of providing a fun environment for every competitor regardless of skill level. It’s also a great way to meet the local Pokémon gaming community through live play. All players are welcome to participate; there are no qualifications or residency restrictions at any Premier Challenge event.

Tournament Organizers who are selected to host Premier Challenges may hold one per month. Prizes are determined by the Tournament Organizer and may vary from event to event; please check the details offered by the Tournament Organizer for more information. These events have modest Championship Point payouts and provide players with an excellent opportunity to get started in Pokémon video game tournament play.

2017 Pokémon Video Game Premier Challenge

The Premier Challenge schedule in the 2017 season will be divided into three series:

  • Autumn Series: September–November 2016
  • Winter Series: December 2016–March 2017
  • Spring Series: April–June 2017

The Best Finish Limit for the 2017 Pokémon VG Premier Challenge is 2 per series. Championship Point details can be found here.

The Championship Point payout for the Pokémon VG Premier Challenge is:

Placement Championship Points Kicker (# of participants)
1 20 0
2 14 4
3-4 10 8
5-8 6 16
9-16 2 32

The Championship Point payout for a Pokémon VG Premier Challenge competition changes when total attendance reaches 40 players.

Placement Championship Points Kicker (# of participants)
1 20 0
2 18 0
3-4 16 0
5-8 14 0
9-16 12 32
17-32 8 64
33-64 4 128
65-128 2 256

*Championship Point values subject to change.


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