Welcome to British Columbia’s Pokémon Community! Pokémon features a strong community with many events and tournaments all around the world. On this website, you’ll find out more about where you can meet other Pokémon fans and compete in a friendly atmosphere.

Our events are held as part of the larger Play! Pokémon program organized by The Pokémon Company International. This means that we hold many events that are a part of Pokémon’s TCG and Video Game Championship Series allowing players the opportunity to play towards an invitation to the Pokémon World Championships!

British Columbia’s playerbase consists of people from all walks of life and of all ages. Parents, often first dragged in by their kids, discover the fun there is to be had and actively participate. Players who have grown up with the series continue to play on due to the friendships formed and the thrill of competing. There are three age divisions for Play! Pokémon to ensure a fair playing environment:

  • Junior Division: Players born in 2003 or later
  • Senior Division: Players born in 1999, 2000, 2001 or 2002
  • Masters Division: Players born in 1998 or earlier

Have any questions? Ask away using our Contact Form or Facebook Group and a member of the community will help you out as best they can!


    • The Pokémon Video Game Premier Challenges will be staying up some time next month, we’ll keep you updated here and on our Facebook pages.

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